The big challenge of this century will be to utilise data and digital technologies to improve the way we work and do business, plan and deliver healthcare and public services, and achieve business growth and 可持续性 goals.

日博备用网站 is at the cutting edge of AI and 边学习 that is transforming not only the way data is used, 而是它是如何被访问的, 存储, 和共享. While the big data challenge is complex and there are many barriers to overcome, 世界领先的公司, 初创企业, 学术界, 投资者, and the public sector are coming together in 日博备用网站 to overcome them.

在本期播客中, our guests discuss both the challenges and the solutions that are being tested in 日博备用网站’s vibrant ecosystem, and how cross-sector model use is changing the way companies apply and understand data – all with the goal of benefitting society and individuals.


客人:亚历山大·莫罗内, 《商业日博备用网站》和Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, 日博备用网站AI公司的数据工厂

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